How to make your own dog collar at home anytime!

How to make your own dog collar at home anytime!

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It's New Year's Eve and Chiko won't stop scratching himself. He made his ear bleed. It's almost midnight... what to do???

Take any folder.

Pair of scissors.

Cut a half circle in the middle of the folder. The size will depend on the size of your furry friend's neck.

Make sure to cut it wider than the size of your furry friends neck. He needs room to move his neck around without choking him/her and breath.

Slide it unto your furry friend's neck.

Take a staple.

Staple the top of the folder several times so it will take a shape of a cone and stay in place.

Voila... perfect!!! Custom made. (coincidentally Chiko was a purchase... lol)

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