How to cook easy turmeric pesto tuna pasta 15 min

How to cook easy turmeric pesto tuna pasta 15 min

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That's all u need :) rocket salad tagliatelle pasta, tuna ( in water or oil ur choice ), chilli flakes, pesto, black pepper, turmeric, garlic, olive oil,parmegiano regiano,

Add turmeric to the boiling water 1 teaspoon and salt

Add pasta :)))))

While pasta is cooking add finely chopped garlic to hot pan ( make sure u dnt burn the garlic )

Add on tin of tuna I do one tin of tuna in oil but I drain oil out and one tin of tuna in Brie not drain add it all together

Add pesto and chilli flakes ( add as much flakes as u can handle )

Grate some Parmesan into tuna pesto

When pasta is almost cook add to the tuna pesto with bit of water from cooking pasta

Mix it well together

Put the rocket salad on the plate drizzle with olive oil put some of the pasta on top of it shave some Parmesan drizzle with bit of olive oil ... Bon appetite :)))

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