How to make rustic italian pizza without a stone oven

How to make rustic italian pizza without a stone oven

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Mix flour, water, yeast, salt, pepper, oregano & olive oil to form dough and leave covered with cling film in bowl in warm place until doubled in size (approx 4 hrs)

Heat a DRY HEAVY FLAT FRYING PAN OR SKILLET ON VERY HOT GAS / ELECTRIC HOB. NO OIL!!! (5-10 mins) don't worry, it needs heat!! Lots of it

Heat grill to hottest temperature

Weigh 125g of proved dough per pizza... Total will make about 8 pizzas

Using your favourite wine!! Roll out the dough to as thin as you like it... The thinner the better!!! Note, must be Italian wine! ;-)

Mix the passatta, olive oil, torn basil, garlic, salt & pepper... No need to cook

If you can afford, these hams are worth the time and effort!! Aim for around £50-90 for one of these but they'll last for ages!!!

Thinly slice your favourite Parma or Serrano ham... Mmmmmmm ;-) DONT ADD YET!!

OVERTURN the super hot frying pan and add the rolled dough... Listen and watch it whilst adding the toppings

THINLY spread tomato sauce... Too much in centre will create soggy pizza!!

Add mushrooms and mozzarella... LESS IS MORE!!

Add upside frying pan to super hot grill to cook both sides just like a pizza oven... Approximately 3-4 minutes

Smell it... Love it...

Add olive oil to taste along with salt and pepper along with ham, and cook for further 60 seconds for ham to crisp

Cut and serve

Mmmmmmmm :-)

Enjoy at a wooden bar with beer and friends!

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