How to become a cat lady in 10 simple steps

How to become a cat lady in 10 simple steps

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1. Acquire a cat.

Gain a leg up on the competition by acquiring two or more cats. (highly suggested)

2. Tend to your pretty kitty's hunger needs.

3. Pet your cat. TIP: Scratching under the chin and/or behind the ears are two common and successful areas to scratch.

Note: Belly rubs if preformed correctly, can be quite an enjoyable experience for both you and your little furball.

4. Allow your cat to indulge in its interests. For example : Reading or napping.

5. Supply mass amounts of catnip in order to ensure happiness.

6. Allow your cat to venture outside and explore it's surroundings. Note: If your cat trusts you it will not run away. If it does run away, try harder to acquire trust from your next cat.

7.On Sundays , take your feline for a drive.

8.Acquire a camera. Start taking pictures of your cat!

Candids tend to be the most practical choice of photograph due to cats indifference towards posing.

Try to really capture your cats expression in each photograph.

Remember if your cat is sleeping, do not wake it! Even cats need they're beauty rest.

9.Once you've mastered these basic skills try sharing your new found obsession with your friends by uploading photos of your cat onto social networking sites!

10.If your scared your cat's photo will not harbor as much attention as it deserves, try editing it until it looks completely different !

There , that's more like it !

Tip:If all else fails try using suggested captions from i'dcapthat as a boost for your photo.

Congrats! Hopefully these steps have aided you in becoming extraordinary CAT LADY!

Great work! Even your cat will want to rejoice!

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