How to make labeneh

How to make labeneh

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Add one teaspoon of salt to each pot and stir well.

Place muslin or cheese cloth over a colindar. I use two cloths, one over the other.

Pour in yoghurt (both pots), using spoon to get all yoghurt out the pot.

Tie top of muslin cloth securely.

Hang over sink and then leave over night. The whey will start to drip leaving the curd in the sack.

With twi hands twist top of the muslin increasing pressure slowly. Whey will drip and turn to a trickle. Stop when it dries up or cheese escapes.. You can skip this step if you want Labeneh softer.

Untie bag and spread out on a work surface. Labeneh looks as shown. Transfer it into a similar size bowl.. I do in one go by turning muslin upside down over the bowl.

With a fork flatten down slightly the Labeneh and then sprinkle on Za'tar.

Now drizzle over olive oil

You're done! Now you just need some hot pita bread and enjoy ! Best kept in the fridge with cling film.

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